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Reflectorless measurements
About Us

Al-Sudoof is Arabic word means in English, "tele-vision", Al-sudoof is Iraqi company specialized in surveying works and supplying surveying equipment:
In surveying works:

Including topographic, cadastral ,detailed, precise, monitoring surveys, road surveying and design ,we executed many of surveying and road design projects and other projects in iraq with iraqi minisries and private sectors including irrigation ,housing electricity ,roads projects,..
also we are ready to assist you in Iraqi coordinates or maps affairs.

Survaying equipment

we supply wide range of surveying equipment for different purposes including used and new equipment starting from optical levels then theodolites and total stations ending to global positioning system, handheld GPS, high precision GPS like Leica GPS1230 , we are working with Arab traders inc. on leica agency in Iraq, we supplied wide ranges of surveying equipment to various ministries in iraq as well as to the private sectors.

GIS, (geographical information systems).

The new company ( The geographer) which newly Iraqi company established ,with arabtraders inc. following training on ArcGIS software and supporting you in geographical information systems ,projects support.